Embrace a New Beginning

Embrace a New Beginning

Sitting down for the 289th time, looking for exactly the right words to perfectly express the latest thought I just HAVE to share with the world! The phone rings. The dog barks. Distractions abound. The brilliant sentence composed mere minutes ago, on second reading, is just…off. Unclear. Unexciting. Cue inner voice of negative talk. Decide to do laundry instead of writing. I’ll come back to this later. Tomorrow. Next month.

It’s scary to do something for the first time. Sure, there’s the promise of accomplishment, achievement, success at the finish line. But it’s also pretty comfortable right here in our comfort zone, too. Well, maybe not that comfortable. There’s always that nagging thought that SOMETHING needs to be done, changed, improved. How hard it can be to imagine ourselves being strong enough, smart enough, talented enough to reach that pinnacle way off in the distance!

So often, that’s because we tell ourselves we need to change everything all at once, or that we need to be perfect right out of the gate. The good news? You don’t need to do it all today, and you absolutely needn’t be perfect (like, ever!).

Rather than set our sights on what we will gain, we focus on what we are giving up…even knowing it no longer serves us! When it comes to change, many of us are gripped by panic that can feel paralyzing! We struggle to make changes that actually last, even when we know it is long overdue. We vow to go “all in” and we do, for a day or a week, only to thoroughly drop the ball when life interrupts our fabulous plan.

Maybe there’s a better way. Maybe the happier, healthier approach to becoming our best selves is to just take it one step at a time! Change is inevitable. We can passively wait for it to happen, or we can take charge and make small changes that over time become part of a daily practice.

I don’t have all the answers. (Some days I’m not even certain of the questions!) What I have is a penchant for learning, and for sharing. A nurturing spirit and wholehearted enthusiasm. A desire to find ways that work, to enhance health and happiness. And now, via this blog, I have a place to share some inspiring words and tasty ideas about food and nutrition with you. I hope you’ll find some food for thought here as we move from season to season with recipes and tips geared toward vibrant health. 

Every day is a chance for a new beginning, a new opportunity to take on a challenge. To develop a talent, stretch a little further, or run a little faster. The best way to get started is by taking that first scary step. Won’t you join me on the journey and see where it leads?

For you. And for those you love.